Student-Loan Repayment and Stipend Programs

Whether you are still in medical school or have already graduated and are beginning your medical career, the Army offers several student-loan repayment and stipend programs that provide significant financial benefits to those who serve.

Some of those programs are outlined below.

Stipend programs

The Army’s stipend programs are offered to currently enrolled Medical, dental and veterinary school students who are interested in receiving financial assistance monthly so they can concentrate on finishing their schooling instead of making money.

Medical and Dental Student Stipend Program (MDSSP)

The MDSSP provides a monthly stipend of more than $2,400 to individuals accepted into an accredited medical program. Participants are assigned the primary Area of Concentration of 00E67 in the Medical Service Corps. The MDSSP commitment is a one-year obligation in the Army Reserve for each six months (or partial six-month period) of financial assistance.

Specialized Training Assistance Program (STRAP)

STRAP provides a $2,466 monthly stipend throughout a participant’s residency. In exchange for STRAP benefits, participants serve one year in the Army Reserve for each six months of stipend they receive.
By integrating STRAP benefits with the Army Reserve Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program (RCHPLRP) incentive, participants will receive an additional $250,000 for student-loan repayment.

Financial Assistance Program (FAP)

FAP provides an annual grant of up to $45,000 plus a monthly stipend of more than $2,400. Active duty obligation is two years for the first year of FAP participation plus one-half year for each additional one-half year (or portions thereof) of participation with a minimum period of two years on active duty.

Student-loan repayment programs

Health Professionals Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP)

The HPLRP will repay outstanding loan(s) that were secured according to 10 USC 16302, to finance health professional education approved by the Secretary of Defense as a critical specialty needed to meet wartime, combat medical skill shortages. The HPLRP commitment is one year of Reserve service for each one year of benefits received.

Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program (ADHPLRP)

Depending on qualifications, the ADHPLRP will repay up to $40,000 of qualified loans to lending institution annually for a maximum of three years. Active duty obligation is one year-for-year receiving loan repayment with a minimum period of two years on active duty.

Reserve Component Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (RCHPLRP)

RCHPLRP provides repayment of outstanding student loans made, insured, or guaranteed through a recognized financial or educational institution used to finance education in a health profession determined to be a critical wartime shortage by the Secretary of Defense for those serving as a healthcare officer in the Army Reserve.

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